10th IAMRS Webinar

With the grace of God Almighty and within the series of cyber scientific seminars held by the Iraqi association for Medical Research and Studies, the 10th international scientific webinar was held on Friday November 13, 2020 AD under the title

ENT Manifestations of COVID-19

On the Zoom platform, more than 130 participants from 6 countries, including Iraq, participated in the webinar.

Three of the specialist doctors attended the webinar, and the following are their names and titles of their lectures and electronic links to watch those lectures.

1. Dr. Shawkat Abdulrahman

Title of the lecture
“Rhinologist role during COVID-19 Pandemic”

Link to watch the lecture:

2. Dr.Reza Erfanian

Title of the lecture:
“Pharyngeal and Laryngeal Manifestations during COVID-19”

Link to watch the lecture:

3. Dr. Ahmad Fadhil Hassan 🇮🇶

Title of the lecture
Ear Problems and COVID-19 Pandemic

Watch the lecture link

With regards
Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies

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