⭕ Our Vision

National and regional leadership in medical scientific research to prepare a leading generation in sober scientific research

⭕ Our Mission

We support medical scientific research and medical studies in the various specialties of medicine and public health. We hold medical research conferences and symposiums, issue periodicals, and establish partnerships with governmental, local and international medical research bodies, in order to share experiences and dependencies, activate scientific exchange of research findings and conference decisions. Medical research in all medical fields with emphasis on specialties with a great societal impact.

⭕ Our goals

1. Work on the reinforcement and consolidation of medical research work and medical studies for doctors in all specialties.

2. Enhancing scientific cooperation and social cohesion among doctors in Iraq.

3. To offer specialized scientific and technical advice to improve the medical status in various specialties in Iraq to those who request it, whether health or university or private sector.

5. Work on the development of health and technical staff and technical assistance and raise the level of scientific and improve the efficiency of performance.

5. Encourage and support the authoring, translation and publishing in the fields of knowledge related to the competence of the society, whether at the scientific level or to inform the scientific opinion and improve the level of health culture.

6. Conduct scientific studies individually or with the participation of other official research bodies.

7. Participation in similar regional, Arab and international organizations, in a manner that does not conflict with regulations and laws.

8. Cooperation with other medical bodies and scientific societies in Iraq to raise the medical and scientific level in Iraq.

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