6th IAMRS Conference


The list of Speakers and their Talking within the 6th IAMRS International Conference

1. Basra Health Office Speech

To download the lecture of Dr. Abbas Altememmi click here

Director of Basra Health Office Speech

2. Director of Mental Health Office at Minstery of Health speech

Dr. Emad Abdulrazaq Speech at 6th IAMRS International Conference can be downloaded now

Adviser of Mental Health in Health Minstery Speech

3. Professor Dr. Mohammed Al-Uzri Speech

The speech of professor Dr. Mohammed Al-Uzri can be downloaded now

Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri Speech

4. Dr. Walid Sarhan Speech

You can download the lecture of Dr. Walid Sarhan via the following link

Dr Walid Sarhan Speech

5. Dr. Akeel I Al-Sabbagh Speech

To download the lecture of Dr. Akeel I Al-Sabbagh click here

Dr Akeel I Al-Sabbagh Speech


6th IAMRS International Conference

Risks and Challenges of Substance Related & Addictive Disorders in Iraq

After the remarkable successes achieved by the Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies IAMRS in holding five international conferences that dealt with many medical and health topics of international, regional and local interest, the Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies embarked on preparing for the establishment of the 6th International Conference of the Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies under the title

“Risks and Challenges of Substance Related & Addictive Disorders in Iraq”.

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This topic will be addressed due to its importance and the growing risks of it after the spread of many addictive substances among societies and the exacerbation of the phenomenon of drug trafficking the existence of social, economic and political problems that increase the pressure of this phenomenon on the institutions of society and the governments.

The conference will be held on the 7th and 8th of October, 2022.

So many well recognized speaker on both the national and international level will attend the conference.

The conference will include workshops and discussion seminars on addiction.

The conference will be sponsored by Basrah Governorate in the halls of the Grand Millennium Hotel in Basrah.

To download the conference committees, brochure, Submission & Registration Deadlines in a PDF form


Conference Scientific Committee




Dr. Nessif Jassim Al- Humairi

Professor in psychiatry,  President of the scientific council for psychiatry – Iraqi council for medical specialties


Dr. Jamal Abdulzahra Muzil

Psychiatric senior, FRC Psych,  Member of Iraqi association for medical research and studies

Dr. Emad Abdulrazzaq Abdulghani

Consultant psychiatrist,  Mental health advisor at the ministry of health

Dr. Mohammed al-Uzari

Professor in psychiatry,  FRC psych – Royal college of psychiatrists/ United Kingdom

Dr. Aqeel Ibrahim AL- Sabbagh

Consultant psychiatrist / FRC Psych,  Assistant professor Basrah medical college / Iraqi achiever of psychiatry

Dr. Mahdi Abdulkareem

Consultant psychiatrist,  Director of the department of psychiatry/ Wasit health department/ Wasit college of medicine

Dr. Jawad Kadhim AL-Diwan

Professor in community medicine/  University of Baghdad College of medicine

Dr. Syeda Tatheer Zahra Shamsi

Clinical Psychologist,  Canterbury Christ Church University/  West Kent Personality Disorder Service, NHS (UK

Dr. Arafat Aldujaili

Consultant psychiatrist,  Associate Dean of Scientific Affairs, College of Medicine, Kufa University

 Dr. Awatif Hameed Issa   

Immunologist,  University of Basrah/College of Science

Dr. Ahmed Najim Abood    

Pharmaceutics,  University of Basrah/ College of Pharmacy

Dr. Asia Selman Abdullah

Pharmacology and Toxicology,  University of Basrah/ College of Pharmacy

Dr. Oday Sajjad Alsawad

Pharmaceutics,  University of Basrah/ College of Pharmacy

Organizing Committee 

Organizing Committee 

Dr. Basim Abdulkereem Alhijaj


Dr. Dheaa Sh. Zageer

Dr. Dhurgham Arif Abdulwahid

Dr. Hiba Abdulhussain alsufer

Dr. Zuhair Abdulkareem Abdulridha

Dr. Ameen Zamil Alshuwaili

Dr. Haithem Hussein Ali

Dr. Ghada Waleed Abdulmalek Alkamel

Dr. Zainab Ali Kammad

Dr. Ahmed Qasim Jebra

Dr. Sadik Hassan Kadhem

Dr. Amer Salman Dawood

Dr. Wael Jassim Alshihaby

Dr. Husham Husain Abdul-Ra’aoof

Dr. Abbas Jumah Hamdan

Dr. Abbas Abdulzahraa Alhassani

Dr. Alaa Hussein Abed

Dr. Muntasser yaqoob yousif

Dr. Hisham Salman Abdulkareem

Dr, Ahmed Fadhel Hassan

Dr. Amjed Hayder Ali Altaee

Dr. Salih Mudher Salih

Dr. Qussay Nfawa Almaliki

Dr. Ali Gassab Altaai


The deadline for abstracts Submission is August 31, 2022.

The last time for researchers to be notified about article acceptance is September 15, 2022.


You can register to attend the conference via the link below

Registration is closed see you at the conference activities 

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