How do we choose a title for our research article?
What are the most important points that the title of the article or scientific research should contain?
What are the most important points that should be included in the introduction to the article or scientific research?
These and other questions were answered by specialists in scientific research and its methods within the 14th  international scientific webinar of a series of cyber scientific webinars held by the Iraqi association for Medical Research and Studies, which was hold on Friday February 26 2021  under the title

How to Write A Research Paper? (Part One)

On the Zoom platform, more than 200 participants from several countries, including Iraq, participated in the symposium.
Two specialized professors participate the webinar, and the following are their names and titles for their lectures and electronic links to view those lectures with a link to watch the seminar.

1. Dr. Alaa Hussein Abd

Title of the lecture

Notes on Writing A Research Title

Link to watch the lecture:

2. Dr. Hasanain Faisal Ghazi

Title of the lecture

“How to write An Introduction for Scientific Articles?”

Link to watch the lecture
An expanded panel discussion session took place after the end of the lectures, led by Dr. Sadiq Hassan Kazem, to answer a set of questions raised by the attendees.
Link to watch the discussion session: –

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