Dr. Haider Al-Tameemi, President of the IAMRS, visited Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Abbasi, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Basrah, on Monday, the twenty-sixth of this March. The meeting was attended by Dr. Durgham Al-Ajwadi, member of the Administrative Board of the IAMRS, where Dr. Haider Tamimi thanked Dr. Al-Abassi for his efforts in the the activities of the association, especially the first scientific medical conference of the association, as well as talking with Dr. Abbasi about the activities of the association and prospects for future cooperation. It is noteworthy that the scientific committee of the conference formed from professors in the Faculty of Medicine of Basrah and the Department of Health of Basra headed by Professor Dr. Omran Skir Habib ,Professor of Community Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Basra