Prof. Dr. Hani Aljaraakh

((Iraqi Scientific Journals: Challenges and Future Prospects))

Professor Dr. Alaa Hani Jarakh, Professor at the College of Medicine of Babylon and Editor-in-Chief of Babel Medical Journal, stood as a lecturer at the webinar of Iraqi scientific journals: challenges and future prospects held by the Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies in Basra Governorate on Friday 20/11/2020.

It was a very valuable lecture in which Dr. Al-Jarakh spoke about the series of communications that took place between the editorial board of the Babel Medical Journal and the global Scopus database, in a way that gives a clear picture of the obstacles that the journal encountered in that way and the requirements imposed by the Scopus database.

Greetings to Professor Dr. Alaa Hani Al-Jarakh for his valuable lecture

Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies IAMRS

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