3rd Basraplast 2022 Conference  


Previous Basraplast Conferences

Plastic and reconstructive surgery in Basra is going through many years of development and propagation leading to emergance of  a specialised centres and existence of many highly experienced surgeons.

Iraqi Association for Medical research and studies have a focus on a special issues within many specialties of medicine and also so special focus on special specialist.

Many international conferences and webinars had been hold in Basra in the last 5 years by the Association.

Basraplast series of conferences were started by the first international conferences on plastic and reconstructive surgery that had been home and the title of Basraplast 2019

1st BasraPlast Conference 2019


The association hold and International conferences under the title of Basraplast 2021 and Basra at 19th of November 2021.

The conference was a great opportunity for national and international plastic, maxillofacial , facial plastic surgeons to show their experience within sessions of the conference.

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2nd BasraPlast Conference 2021