With the blessing of God Almighty, the Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies, with the participation of AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company, held the 9th international scientific webinar on Friday, November 6, 2020 under the title

“Scientific Day of Respiratory Diseases”

On the Zoom platform, more than 100 participants from 6 countries, including Iraq, participated in the webinar.

Three specialist physicians were present at the webinar, and the following are their names and addresses of their lectures

1. Dr. George Volkian 🇱🇧

Title of the lecture

GINA Guidelines; Importance of Maintainance Relievers


2. Dr. Zeyd Tariq Malghouth 🇮🇶

Title of the lecture:

Case Presentation on Asthma


3. Dr. Mahmoud Fouad Al-Khalidi 🇮🇶

Title of the lecture

COVID-19 Important Practical Tips


With regards
Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies