South African Doctor says : Omicron cause mild disease and vaccines are still effective

IAMRS 2021

Dr. Angelique Cortez

Prof. Dr. Angelique Cortez during the interview with the 20th IAMRS International Webinar about Omicron that was held online at Friday 17th December 2021

Professor Dr. Angelique Cortez, the 1st South African doctor who alarm the authorities about new heavily mutant COVID-19 variant – Omicron” describes her data of 90 patients with omicron during the interview with the omicron International Webinar that was hold by IAMRS at Friday 17th December 2021.

Professor Angelique says ” omicron cases that are received all of them have mild symptoms of nasal and post nasal drip with mild irritative cough and none of them was desaturated” indeed “four weeks only of observation of this virus is not enough to conclude a hard decision about it’s behavior” .

Dr. Angelique and her colleagues will publish thier data summary during these two days and they contact other doctors at South Africa about the Case there.


” At hospital there was no overrun of ICU admissions or ventilator needs during these four weeks of Omicron epidemic” Dr. Angelique says and indeed “Vaccines are still effective against severe disease but  less than that with other COVID variants”.

“The highest infectivity rate is recorded with Omicron inspite of it’s very mild course” Dr. Angelique told us and also add that “all cases recovered within 5 to 7 days”.

To be mentioned that Omicron that was discovered and described  by South African doctors now became the most worldwide spread COVID variant .