On the blessing of God Almighty, and within the series of cyber scientific seminars held by the Iraqi Association for Medical Research and Studies, the Fifth International Scientific Symposium was held on Friday September 18, 2020 AD under the title

“Basics of Scientific Research” – Part One –

This is through the Zoom platform, and the symposium was attended by 195 participants

Three of the medical specialists were present at the symposium, and the following are their names and addresses for their lectures and electronic links to watch those lectures.


1. Dr. Majid Hameed Al Abood

Lecture title: How to design the study / PICO principle

Link to watch the lecture:


2. Dr. Salam Jassim Muhammad

Title of the lecture: Types of research designs

Link to watch the lecture:


3. Dr. Yasser Muhammad Al-Hakim

Title of the lecture: How to choose the appropriate statistical test for the study

Link to watch the lecture:


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Iraqi association for Medical Research and Studies