Wherever we go, we can’t escape the news about the novel coronavirus.
With every day that passes, we get more and more anxious about the virus
reaching our community and becoming a threat to the ones we love.
However, the situation is not as bad as it seems. With every new case that
appears, health officials learn more and more about the virus, bringing us
one step closer to medications and treatments that could cure or even
prevent the infection.
What we can do in the meantime is stay safe. There are many preventive
measures available to minimize the risk of getting infected or spreading the
disease. Most of those are easy to implement in our daily lives, such as
having good hygiene or being aware of our environment and the people
around us.
This book focuses on presenting all the relevant information available about
the novel coronavirus up until this point and giving practical advice on how
to stay safe. It’s a comprehensive guide on how to survive these difficult
times without giving into the overall sense of panic and anxiety. Being alert
and informed is the first step in being prepared for what’s to come.