Dear colleagues

With great pleasure , I invite you to participate in the 3rd International Conference of Iraqi Association for Medical Research & Studies (IAMRS) to be held at Basrah, Iraq from

27-28 March 2020.

The overall theme of the Conference is “Iraqi Health Challenges ”.

The Conference is organized by the Iraqi Association for Medical Research & Studies (IAMRS).

The Conference will be a platform for IAMRS members and other participants to discuss the current situation, challenges and solutions relating to Iraq health issues in light of the relevant national measures.

IAMRS will seek to share experience and best practices on their work to promote health, medical research and medical actions related to the health of Iraqi population.

Further, discussions will include practical suggestions on how to eliminate such problems.

The Conference will be divided into oral sessions, workshop, video sessions and poster presentations, providing IAMRS the opportunity to focus on specific areas from their own perspective.

The main conclusions of the Conference will be reflected and incorporated into the 2nd Basrah Declaration to be considered and adopted by the participants at the Conference and national ruling establishments.

In line with the policy adopted at the 1st & 2nd National, International Conferences of the IAMRS held in Basrah, Iraq (2018) & (2019) respectively, The Association is keen to invite distinguished scholars and specialists interested in the topics of the conference from allover the world.

The working languages of the Conference will be: English.

Looking forward to seeing you at this important event.

Dr. Hayder Al-Tameemi
President of IAMRS